Top 8 Crypto Currency in India? 

By Aapli Service Team

Bitcoin : The most famous and most invested crypto currency in India is Bitcoin and currently its price is 59 lakh 70 thousand rupees

Ethereum : Ethereum is the most popular cryptocurrency in India, currently priced at Rs 3 lakh 30 thousand.

Binance Coin : Binance Coin crypto currency is also very famous in India this cryptocurrency is heavily invested in India and its current price is $537.0

Tether : Tether is a crypto currency that has a huge craze in India and is currently priced at Rs 82.78.

Solana : Solana cryptocurrency is also famous in India and currently its price is Rs.12.216

Ripple : Currently Ripple Crypto Currency is priced at Rs 58.44. Last few days this Crypto Currency has seen good growth.

USD Coin : In India now in India USD Coin as a cryptocurrency has also shown good faith in India and currently its price is Rs 82.76

Shiba Inu : This is currently enjoying huge popularity on social media. In the past few days, this crypto currency has seen a threefold increase and currently its price is Rs 0.002751