Top 10 Most Used AI Tools in USA

1. Jasper (formerly Jarvis): Generate high-quality, engaging content (articles, scripts, social media posts, etc.) with AI assistance.

2. Grammarly:  Enhance your writing with AI-powered grammar and style suggestions.

3.  Capture every word with real-time speech recognition and transcription.

4. DeepL:  Achieve unparalleled translation accuracy with over 100 supported languages.

5. Copilot by GitHub:  Write code faster and smarter with AI suggestions and completions.

6. Luminar AI:  Edit photos like a pro with AI-powered tools for easier complex tasks.

7. Canva: AI Slide Creator:  Design stunning presentations with AI-powered layouts and suggestions.

8. RunwayML:  Create eye-catching visuals with AI tools for image inpainting, video editing, and 3D model generation.

9. Synthesia:  Craft personalized AI-powered video greetings and presentations.

10. Wordtune:  Rephrase and rewrite text with AI to improve clarity and avoid redundancy.