Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada for 2024

10. Corporate Lawyer

In This Job Advise businesses and individuals on legal matters.

Annual salary : $109,631

9. Data Scientist

In This Job Analyze and interpret data to solve complex problems.

Annual salary : $134,960

8. Software Engineering Manager

In This Job Lead and guide software engineering teams..

Annual salary : $143,044

7. Cloud Architect

In This Job Design and build secure and scalable cloud computing solutions.

Annual salary : $147,474

6. Controller

In This Job Oversee a company's financial activities and systems.

Annual salary : $207,155

5. Orthodontist

In This Job Perform Straighten teeth and correct jaw misalignment.

Annual salary : $269,126

4. Psychiatrist

In This Job Perform Diagnose and treat mental health disorders.

Annual salary : $333,976

3. Surgeon

In This Job Perform complex operations across various medical specialties.

Annual salary : $378,634

2. Cardiologist

In This Job Diagnose and treat heart and circulatory system conditions..

Annual salary : $386,757

1.Medical  Anesthesiologist

In This Job Crucial in surgery, they manage patients' pain and awareness during procedures.

Annual salary : $391,568