Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

By Aapli Service Team

Marketing & Digital: Executive Director of Communications ($300K)


Executive directors of communications in PR and communications have huge earning potential, with a typical salary of $300,000 in Sydney.

Technology: CIO and CTO ($306,000)


Managers in tech earn considerably more than other roles, with chief information security officers, chief information officers, and chief technology officers earning $255,000, $306,000, and $306,000 respectively.

Sustainability: Head of sustainability ($310,000)


 Demand for experienced sustainability professionals is rising, with heads of sustainability or ESG earning up to $310,000 in Western Australia.

Construction: Construction Manager (up to $320,000)


Construction managers are the highest paid in the construction sector, with a salary range of $250,000 to $320,000.

Energy: Project Delivery Director (up to $357,000)


Project development directors in renewable energy are among the highest paid in the sector, with top earners in Sydney and Melbourne.

Property: Development Director (up to $388,000)


Development directors in Australia's property sector can earn an average salary of between $224,000 and $388,000 in Sydney.

Accountancy & Finance: Head of Treasury ($410k)


Heads of treasury have some of the top paying jobs in Australia in the realm of accounting and finance, with an average pay of $410,000.

Retail: General Manager (up to $510,000)


Retail jobs with the highest salaries are head office retail directors ($153,000 to $408,000), merchandise managers ($408,000), and general managers ($204,000 to $510,000).

Executive: CEO and MD ($700,000)


CEOs and managing directors at companies with a turnover between $50 million and $500 million typically earn $600,000 to $700,000.

Legal : Equity Partner (up to $850,000)


Equity partners in top private practices in Australia earn an average salary of more than $500,000. Sydney equity partners earn the most, with an average salary of $850,000 plus.