The Dark Secrets of Christopher Columbus Exposed!

Aapli Service | By Rock

1. Born as Cristoforo Colombo in Genoa, Italy, in 1451.

2. Contrary to the misconception, he aimed to find a western route to Asia, not to prove the Earth's roundness, a belief held by most educated individuals of his time.

3. European explorers, such as the Norse, had reached North America centuries before Columbus.

4. Despite making four voyages to the Americas, Columbus never set foot on the North American mainland, only reaching the Caribbean.

5. His governance in Hispaniola was marked by brutality and tyranny, involving the enslavement and torture of indigenous people, leading to many casualties.

6. In 1500, he faced arrest and was returned to Spain in chains, accused of mismanagement and cruelty.

7. Today, Columbus's legacy remains contentious, with some hailing him as a New World discoverer and others condemning him as a genocidal figure.