Heartstopper Season 2 Cast and Character

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Joe Locke  as Charlie Spring

Joe Locke, a first-time actor in "Heartstopper," delivered a vibrant performance. His impressive performance led to a role in "Agatha: Coven of Chaos."

Kit Connor  as Nick Nelson

Kit Connor, one of the most experienced young actors before "Heartstopper," has starred in major productions such as "Rocketman," "His Dark Materials," and "Ready Player One."

Yasmin Finney  as Elle Argent

Yasmin Finney, a newcomer to acting during "Heartstopper," received immense love for her portrayal of Elle. Since then, she has had a whirlwind of success, achieving her modeling dream by gracing the cover of British Vogue.

William Gao  as Tao Xu

William Gao, though new to television acting, had prior experience on stage with the UK's National Youth Theatre. He is set to star alongside acclaimed actor Guy Pearce in the upcoming thriller "Sunrise."

Tobie Donovan as Isaac Henderson

Tobie Donovan, another newcomer to acting, had a quieter year following "Heartstopper" but delighted fans by appearing at Netflix's TUDUM Global Fan Event in 2022.

Corinna Brown  as Tara Jones

"Heartstopper" served as an excellent platform for the talented Corinna Brown, who had previous appearances in "My Murder" with John Boyega and "The Show Must Go Online."

Jack Barton as David Nelson

Jack Barton, known for his roles in "The Letter for the King" and "War of the Worlds," joined the cast of "Heartstopper" for season 2. His previous experience in acclaimed productions demonstrated his acting talent.

Leila Khan as Sahar Zahid

Leila Khan is a newcomer to acting and was cast as Sahar in "Heartstopper." Her casting came from a nationwide open casting call, where the team sought fresh talent.


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