The Secrets of Genshin Impact Fontaine

By Aapli Service Team

Fontaine stands as the realm of Hydro, under the rule of the Hydro Archon, also referred to as the Deity of Justice.

Fontaine draws its inspiration from 1910's France and boasts a culture deeply intertwined with the world of arts and music.

The origins of the Kamera, a device capable of capturing worldly vistas, can be traced back to Fontaine.

Fontaine serves as the birthplace of all Oceanids, among them Rhodeia of Loch, a Lochfolk who resides near the waters adjacent to Qingce Village.

Fontaine has gained fame for its distinctive steampunk-like aesthetics, combining sophisticated technology with refined elegance.

Known for its intricate legal structure, Fontaine is often characterized as a nation with a strong commitment to legality.

Fontaine's present condition remains veiled in uncertainty due to its prolonged seclusion from the outside world.