8 Walmart Brand Products You Should Never Buy

Aapli Service | By James | Date : 1/2/2024

Kitchen Appliances

While tempting to save money on appliances, their quality often falls short. They may break down quickly, making them a waste of money in the long run.

Glasses and Dishware

These items might not be as durable as name brands and could chip or crack easily. Consider spending a bit more for dishware that will last.


Saving a dollar or two on cereal might not be worth it if the taste is subpar or the quality is low. Opt for a brand you and your family enjoy, even if it costs a bit more.

Cheap Electronics

Low-priced electronics often have limited features or poor performance. You're better off saving up for a better quality product that will last.


Walmart's furniture selection can be hit-or-miss. Some pieces are made with cheap materials and may not be very sturdy.

Equate Beauty Products

Some Equate beauty products have received negative reviews for causing irritation or being ineffective.

Generic Medications

While generic medications are usually just as effective as name brands, some people do experience side effects. Talk to your doctor before switching to a generic medication

Lawn and Garden Tools

These tools may be inexpensive, but they might not be up to the task if you have a large yard or a lot of gardening to do. Invest in quality tools that will get the job done right.