8 Free AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity



ChatPDF presents a novel approach to engaging with PDFs through natural conversation. It responds to your queries about the PDF content, offering answers, summaries, and keyword extraction.


Taskade serves as a comprehensive tool for note-taking, task management, and scheduling, enriched with AI capabilities. It adeptly converts emails into tasks and proposes new tasks derived from your historical activities.

Plus AI for Google Slides

Plus AI for Google Slides emerges as an invaluable add-on, enhancing Google Slides with AI-powered features. It assists in brainstorming slide concepts and enhances design and layout for impactful presentations.


FlowGPT acts as a platform dedicated to sourcing and sharing AI prompts. These prompts foster text generation, language translation, creative writing, and informative responses.


Summarize.Tech automates the summarization of YouTube videos, concurrently generating helpful transcripts. Its utility extends to students and knowledge seekers aiming to comprehend diverse topics.


Claude specializes in condensing lengthy documents, making it particularly suitable for summarizing extensive texts like research papers, where its higher word limit surpasses that of ChatGPT.


Phind proves to be an AI-powered web search tool, discerning and presenting the most pertinent results by comprehending your search queries effectively.

Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator harnesses the prowess of OpenAI's DALL-E model to craft images in response to your textual cues, showcasing its remarkable image generation capabilities.