8 Best Places To Visit In Marshall Islands

1. Majuro Atoll :  Marshall Island's capital throbs with half the nation's life. Explore its gorgeous beaches, historical sites, and immerse yourself in vibrant culture.

2. Bikini Atoll:  Unveils a complex past. Bikini Atoll, once a nuclear testing site, now offers historical intrigue and untouched diving spots.

3. Kwajalein Atoll:  Explore beautiful beaches and diving while witnessing the might of the US missile defense site.

4. Maloelap Atoll:  Escape to a laid-back paradise known for its pristine beaches and rich Marshallese traditions.

5. Arno Atoll:  Experience the Marshallese way of life on this remote atoll with pristine beaches and opportunities for fishing.

6. Likiep Atoll:  Discover a hidden gem - a tiny atoll with a stunning lagoon, friendly locals, and idyllic beaches.

7. Enewetak Atoll:  Explore the remnants of historical nuclear tests while enjoying the untouched beauty of this uninhabited atoll (great for diving!)

8. Alele Museum:  Delve into Marshallese history and culture through captivating exhibits on navigation, warfare, and traditional life.