Success Story :  12th fail Manoj Sharma

Manoj Sharma Born in a small village in Madhya Pradesh

He failed to clear his 12th grade exams, a setback that could have derailed his dreams for many.

Despite setbacks, Manoj refused to give up, working odd jobs (tempo driver, library assistant) while pursuing his dream.

Earned a bachelor's and master's degree in History, later adding a journalism degree.

Overcoming financial constraints and personal challenges, Manoj cleared the prestigious UPSC exam in 2005.

Manoj's journey from failure to success became an inspiration for millions, showcasing the power of hard work and perseverance

His story gained wider recognition through the 2023 biopic "12th Fail," further cementing his place as a role model.

Manoj continues to serve as an IPS officer, dedicating himself to public service and motivating others to chase their dreams.