10 Things to Never Do in the United States

Do not drink and drive : This is illegal and can result in serious penalties, including jail time.

Do not smoke in public places :  Smoking is prohibited in most public places in the United States.

Do not get too close to people. : Americans value their personal space, so it is considered rude to stand too close to someone.

Do not talk about politics or religion : These are sensitive topics that can be divisive, so it is best to avoid them in conversation.

Do not tip poorly : Tipping is expected in the United States, and a small tip can be considered rude.

Do not talk about your country being better than the United States. : This is a surefire way to offend Americans.

Do not compare your country's customs to American customs : Again, this can be seen as offensive.

Do not make jokes about sensitive topics, such as race, religion, or s*xual orientation :  These jokes can be hurtful and offensive.

Do not expect everyone to speak English.  There are many languages spoken in the United States, so it is important to be patient and understanding if someone does not speak English.

Do not assume that everyone is friendly and welcoming : Some Americans may be reserved or shy, so it is important to be respectful of their personal space and boundaries.